Illustration & 2D animation

Maliboo is an experienced animation director and illustrator based in Barcelona.

After graduating from the RCA and working as a freelance in London, David works on developing a strong style and he is passionate for moving things in an interesting and elegant manner.

Bruno Brasil

Illustration & 2D animation

Bruno is a talented 2D animation director and illustrator from sunny Brazil.

Bruno has an extensive experience in working with world-class studios and brands. After working with Tendril in Toronto Canada, Bruno is set to assert his talent in 2D character animation, and has now jumped aboard with The Others TV in Barcelona.

Gabriel and Felipe

3D animation

Gabriel and Felipe are from Brazil and they both share the same combination of passion and hard work.

There is something inherent in these two young artists that goes beyond the great taste for movies and games (…) Falling in love with animation was step one, settling down their style was step two and step three is asserting their talent in 3D. They definitely share the same DNA as The Others TV.

The Others


The Others is a creative animation studio based in Barcelona.

We are a small team of directors, designers, and storytellers who believe in collaborating with talents to create colourful work.

We work for people with whom we share mutual respect.