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Project details

Agency: Villa Eugénie
Art director & Script: Nathalie Moellhausen
Choreography: François Rostain
Actors: Romain Cannon & Jean Adrien Espiasse
Mapping projection: Onionlab
Sound & Music: Onionlab
Mapping Technical: BNCV
Led Fencing Uniforms: Chu Uroz
Cultural advisor: Gerard Six
Sound & Music: Onionlab
Client: International Fencing Federation
Onionlab Crew: Creative director: Aleix Fernandez
3D Artists: Carles Munne, Pepe Vegas
Producer: Joel Mestre
Motion Graphics and compositing: Joan Achon, Roger Vicente, Dani Planas, Aleix Fernandez
Processing programing: Aleix Fernandez
Technical director: Jordi Pont
Music and Sound design: Leiko
AV Engineering: Lloc Audiovisuals
Date: Barcelona Septembre 2014

The show has been presented at the 100 Anniversary Gala of the FIE (International Fencing Federation), which took place at the Grand Palais of Paris.
The show has been realized by using a technology called Mapping with the aim to create a powerful scenario around a fencing match and show its power of entertainment.
The show tells the story of a fencer and his initiatory journey through 5 levels of fighting.These 5 levels are related to the 4 elements of the nature (earth, air, water, fire) and the fith element called “Eather”, considered the pure and perfect dimension. This challenge lead the fencer to the knowledge of himself.
A virtual opponent becomes the guide of our hero, inviting him to fight into a virtual dimension where he has to learn about himself fighting with an unknown opponent.
His mission is to discover the identity of his opponent and the only way is if he manage to win the match.
But in this virtual dimension, the roles of fight are different and the heroe will have to learn quickly how to play and touch in order to win.
The fight is divided into 5 matches of 3 touches. The best at five will be the winner of the fencing assault.
Each match takes place into one element of the nature, where the heroe has to overcome many obstacles in addition to his opponent.
The challenge is intense until the hero managed to win the fencing assault. At the end of the match, the hero turns out to be in front of himself. The two fencers were the same person.
No oponent , just him with himself as “WE ARE ALL MATERS OF OURSELVES”.

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